28/ Today's situation in the world - solution.

To understand the current crisis in the world, which is mainly characterized by an enormous economic downturn, it is important to realize the main cause of its emergence. If we understand the basic problem, we will very easily see the real way out of today's problems.




Tomáš Baťa already realized that any economic crisis that occurs in the world from time to time is nothing more than a crisis of people's morals. In 1932, he wrote the following about the issue: "What we usually call an economic crisis is just another name for moral poverty. Moral poverty is the cause, economic decline is the result. In our country, there are many people who believe that economic decline can be stopped with money. I am afraid of the consequences of this mistake. In the position we are in, we do not need any ingenious maneuvers and combinations. We need moral attitudes towards people, work, and public property..."

Similar thoughts also emerged during the 2008 crisis. I don't remember exactly who said it, but probably the most accurate and simplest definition of the problem was something like this: "The economic crisis is a crisis of people's morals."

Similarly, today, the world is facing nothing but a moral and ethical decline of the population and its governing bodies. This is the main cause we are looking for and which we must urgently realize. How?




We in the West have very easily succumbed to a consumerist way of life in which we do not look around us, but only at ourselves and our wealth, our personal comfort. Regardless of our surroundings and others, we chase resources head over heels. Mortgage loans allow us to use up the planet's resources 30 years in advance, causing enormous pressure on resource extraction and destruction of our nature. We have learned to live beyond our means, in a gilt-edged prosperity without sufficient technological support.

The consequences of an unbalanced lifestyle with technological advancement and the ability to live on credit were highlighted by a girl named Greta in 2018. Of course, it was not her personal initiative; influential groups behind the scenes needed to draw the attention of the world to an extreme problem. Our overheated consumption has caused the planet to be buried in waste and the deterioration of our common environment to critical levels. Too many animal species on our planet have become extinct due to us in a relatively short time.

Life, consciousness on Earth began to fade away.

The economic downturn that we see today, mainly in the USA and Europe, is actually a controlled safety brake on resource consumption by the most demanding population on the planet. We are heading towards poverty.




We would have never ended up in this unpleasant situation if our management structures weren't full of spoiled idiots who have effectively cemented themselves in their positions over the course of decades. Natural human globalization brought about by technological progress has gradually allowed them to centralize a large portion of resources into their own hands. They built multinational companies - corporations, they built a pyramid financial system that is destroying our planet similarly to how cancer destroys our body.

These people are well aware of the critical situation of our environment today, they are well aware that it is no longer possible to live as we did before, as we did in better times, when they gained power over others in the background of so-called prosperity and looting of nature. Today, they can therefore agree with their opponents that the world after the crisis will never be the same as it was before the crisis. However, the difference in understanding of the change is fundamental.

The problem is that these people are fanatic worshippers of individualism and are not able to see a realistic way out. They cannot see beyond the horizon of today's world and see only one possible solution to the catastrophic situation, which is the reduction of resource consumption. They don't think ahead, they don't think progressively, and despite their fondness for big words, they think backwards, in an outdated way. In order to maintain their long-built power, they are willing to consider without hesitation the mass liquidation of resource-intensive populations on the planet. They see no added value in cooperation across the population, so they prefer to advocate for austerity, sanctions, and competition, where they openly apply ancient tactics of warfare, such as siege and starvation (sanctions), or massacring. These are outdated medieval tactics. They are fools.




These extremely uncreative people resemble the hysterical scientists and experts from 17th century London who panicked and sounded the alarm in a similar way without the ability to see beyond the horizon of their time. In a certain year at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, they were struggling with the constantly worsening traffic situation in London. They calculated precisely that if the expansion of horse transportation continued at the then very clearly visible and observed pace, in five years' time, there would be a traffic collapse, a collapse of logistics and distribution of goods in London, which would result in unimaginable difficulties for the local population. The streets at that time will simply be clogged with horse excrement to such an extent that they will block all communications. One year later, people invented the first car, a breakthrough invention that immediately swept the unsolvable problem off the table.




Today, the situation is similar, but does technological progress relate to the aforementioned main cause of today's situation - low morality?

Directly. It is important to realize that humanity is not facing the challenge of inventing a combustion or steam engine. In the 21st century, we need to move towards using a new type of nuclear reactor capable of producing seemingly unlimited amounts of energy, which will allow us to launch new technological possibilities for the production and recycling of goods, and will also open the door to external sources of raw materials in space.

Our task is to understand the basic functional principles of our universe and apply them in practice. This task is not impossible, and I dare say that we have already discovered some of these principles. Direct evidence of my statement is the existence of hypersonic weapons. Consider the power needed to move an object in our atmosphere at a speed several times the speed of sound (10x) without the object disintegrating during flight. Moreover, this object is capable of maneuvering during flight. I assume we are talking about a new generation of nuclear engine that generates so-called anti-gravity. If so, it would mean that we have realized and mastered the principles of the functioning of stellar nuclei.

The problem is that this type of technology should not fall into the hands of people with animalistic psyches, characterized by constant competition. Just imagine what criminals with future technology in their hands would look like. Similar consequences were seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but this time the results of destruction would be much more fatal. Advanced technology simply does not belong in the hands of animals because they would constantly use it only to solidify their power, compete, and pursue inhumane goals.




Technology has never been a problem in humanity; the problem has always been the morality and ethics of people.

The insufficient awareness of the most fundamental principle in the universe, the literal lack of awareness of love and understanding of love, has caused problems in our society since ancient times. Understanding the simple principle of interconnectedness of everything with everything else will immediately sweep our current problems off the table and allow us to use "divine" technologies of the future.
More about love: https://www.projektz.sk/news/25-about-love-a-little-differently/ .

We must mature, and above all, our leaders must mature with bloodshot eyes and individualistic nature. In the West, the main problem of humanity's energy technology development stagnation, which causes today's growing pressure on energy demand, is located. Although concepts of future technologies have existed for a long time, due to our nature, they are hidden in well-locked "drawers" in front of us, and therefore, we have been relying on slightly more advanced energy acquisition technology from the 1950s. Realizing interconnectedness and the importance of cooperation across humanity will immediately unlock these "drawers" for us.

Within a decade, we can stabilize our living space and kickstart the golden age of humanity.

How long will it take us to realize this? I don't know. Immediately? How long does it take to understand the simple principle of interconnectedness? How long does it take to get rid of outdated dogmas about competition in our heads?

Let's open our eyes, observe the world around us, and realize whether we see individualism or interconnectedness in its functional principles.




Today, the world is witnessing a final battle between two views on how to manage the population, the outcome of which will determine the path humanity will take into the future. Whether it will be a path of depopulation and gradual decline or a path of cooperation and technological development. Will the fools or the people win?

Although many of us believe that we are just witnesses to a huge theater played by the ruling elites on Earth, who are already agreed among themselves on the outcome, the reality is completely different. There are indeed only two competing groups of human ruling elites that are fundamentally different in their approach and are simultaneously corrected by a third special ruling group that holds the keys to the "drawers."

I'm not writing you a fairy tale, this battle is real, it is historic, it is really happening today, and it is truly final, so the competing ruling groups can agree that the world will never be the same as it was before the crisis.

Will it be a worse depopulated world or a better technologically advanced one? It depends on how we decide and whom we support. Fools or people?




Time is pressing in our decision-making. Natural climate change will soon cause massive changes in the habitability of various places on Earth. It is estimated that in a few years, changes could trigger the migration of two to three billion people on the planet. Imagine what that will do to us if we still look at the world with old competitive eyes.

We can only ensure the stabilization of the environment with new energy sources. Relatively quickly. The terraformation of the planet will soon become more important, but we will never be able to stabilize it if we choose the destructive path of competing and massacring our own population. Changes to the planet will come regardless of our number.

Changes can only be delayed/alleviated by our future technology, which we will ONLY obtain through worldwide collaboration across the population. We will only obtain it by changing our view of the world - by increasing morality and ethics, and understanding interconnectedness.




We will see which path humanity chooses already this winter. Various analysts estimate the current conflict between ruling groups to be long-term, but in reality, they are mistaken because they do not consider the depth of the critical situation in which we find ourselves as humanity today. The conflict must be relatively quick, and by its scope, it must be the fastest in history.

This necessity makes the conflict critical because there is a risk that all currently available weapons, including nuclear ones, will be used in it. The fatality of the conflict could be total.

Already this autumn, Europe will have to decide whether to embark on madness and attack Russia with full force in the name of democracy or, on the contrary, whether to agree with Russia on a joint approach, cooperation, and gradually create a Eurasian Union with it.

Hesitating and further delaying the conflict is not possible, or it is very dangerous because it would threaten the complete liquidation of industry in Europe and the associated radical decline in the standard of living of the European population, which would cause the collapse of control over Europe. Corporations would lose, but so would the people in Europe. Europe would be hit by a wave of unrest. The damage would be enormous, and humanity would lose the much-needed time to transition to a new technological level.

It is necessary to connect the brains of Europe and Russia in good condition with Russia's resource base, namely, only in this way can humanity technologically progress fast enough.




The starting point for today's critical situation is ONLY cooperation. The starting point for our economic problems is ONLY cooperation. The starting point for our energy technological backwardness is ONLY cooperation. Together, we are capable of surviving on this planet.

Today, it is necessary to rid ourselves of spoiled children who control Western society. The leadership of Western corporations must change, otherwise it will lead us to madness and a fatal war.

We are manually capable of freeing ourselves from the influence of our spoiled ruling elite. With our passivity towards them, not reacting to them, not supporting them, we are able to deprive them of their power. Everyone is already crystalized today and it is very clear who is rooting for whom. Everyone is wearing jerseys. It is very easy not to obey those who are eager for war and, conversely, to support those who advocate for cooperation.

With our loud position, we are able to influence and awaken our surroundings, we do not need to be afraid because "only" everything is at stake. It is easier to share and disseminate information across the information space today than to actually fight for fools in the trenches tomorrow.

Let us realize the way out of today's situation, look beyond the horizon of the present day, prepare ourselves, gather the courage to speak out and adopt a firm passive stance towards our warmongers, for this fall, this winter, we face a final test of humanity.

If we are unable to realize today's madness and rid ourselves of the influence of fools over our society by winter, nothing good awaits us next year. We will lose a lot of strength and a lot of time. Humanity will "play" with its existence.

How long does it take to realize? Nothing.

Thank you for your help.


Juraj Tušš