If you find my thoughts interesting and would like to support me in my ambitious endeavor, you can help me in four ways.

1/ Sharing:

The greatest help you can give me is to spread the word about the project. I would be very grateful if you could share it in any way possible. Whether it's verbally or electronically, through a story or direct recommendation. You don't need to behave fanatically, so there's no need to spam or vehemently persuade others about the truth of the project. No, it's enough to calmly and lightly spread the ideas of the project into people's consciousness.

2/ Joining:

If you share my views and ideas and have a desire to participate in the implementation of the project, write to me. Send me an email to juraj.tuss@gmail.com in a simple format, where you only write the field you are knowledgeable in and the district you come from in the subject line of the message. For example: Carpenter BA, or IT technician BB, or Translator TT, etc. I emphasize that it doesn't have to be the field you work in, but the one that you enjoy and are good at. I will create a database of emails, and if there is an opportunity to use your skills, I will contact you. Don't worry, you won't receive any ads or spam from me. I just prefer to work on real projects with someone who has a similar/same level as me, instead of approaching others with a different level. At the beginning, translators will certainly come in handy, as I plan to have the project translated and expand it beyond Slovakia. I am convinced that together we will create a new and better world!

3/ Financially:

The form of support is not that important, as the success of the project mainly depends on the quality of information presented. In my own words, if the light isn't shining on the project, nothing will help :D. Nonetheless, financial support can accelerate the realization of the project. In this world, promotion and professional translation require regular financial expenses, not to mention physically executed projects. Project:Z is financed in part by the profits of Česká Pivnička, or rather from my salary, which is barely enough for promotion. It is pointless to throw large resources into something that may not shine :D. It is not my intention to financially burden you, so I consider it wise if your potential support comes in the form of microtransactions. What do I mean by that? Depositing larger sums with good intentions all at once is not smart. It would be more effective if you were to help regularly with small amounts. For example, by setting up a monthly standing order of one euro, or even a smaller amount. You wouldn't even notice that the funds have been withdrawn from your account, and at the same time, you would greatly help the project. The project would gain a regular monthly budget and could invest the acquired resources more effectively into development. This way, we would all lose almost nothing, and the project would open up enormous possibilities in the world. I leave it up to you.

Account number: SK28 1100 0000 0080 1113 8335

4/ Visit:

By visiting the Česká Pivnička bar in Senci, you automatically support Project:Z. Some days I also work there, so we can meet there and chat about various topics.

Thank you in advance, no matter how you decide to support me.