25/ About love - a little differently.

In this article, I will attempt to define the abstract concept of "love" in a way that it doesn't remain just a pretty word used in a huge number of phrases, but is truly understandable and more easily applicable in our real lives. I will rely on the latest knowledge of our science on the basic principle of how our world operates.




First, I want to draw your attention to the main principle mentioned earlier that needs to be understood first - the principle of unity. Our world can be imagined as one enormous ocean of energy, one space that *fractally divides into a multitude of autonomous conscious spaces at every scale. These spaces are called autonomous conscious units. Although the units make decisions independently, they are interconnected to form one information system, one world.

The situation is similar to our internet network, even though the internet network has countless different devices that obtain information, meaning it has a large number of inputs, the network has the potential to have only one main common output of all the information that could theoretically be used by all devices simultaneously. (Due to human competition, we now have more different networks, different search engines, different outputs.)

Another example for a better understanding of unity is the "problem" of the color white. Even though white color includes all the colors, all the shades of the world, from the darkest to the lightest, it has only one output, the white color. If someone says that the world is black and white, they are not wrong, because the white color includes all the colors of the world and black is not a color, but it is colorless nothing (RGB 0,0,0), such a person is essentially telling us about the contrast of the world, the contrast that arises between everything and nothing, white and black.

The difference between autonomous conscious units lies only in the position of their own space, the overall capacity (ability to process information), and the level of self-awareness (in understanding principles). However, the greatest difference is in our position. Our position is absolutely unique in the entire universe, no other conscious space exists in our "point," in our scale. This uniqueness is the main determining factor of our distinctiveness, which defines all other differences between us. It creates a different angle of view on reality, situation, and information, which we automatically and subconsciously share with all autonomous spaces in our shared database.

Each of us has the ability to connect to the shared database. The key is to focus, stabilize thoughts, and direct attention to the desired information. This shared database, one output, is the same for everyone and is the foundation of our consciousness. We are not a drop in the ocean but an ocean in a single drop. The phrase "Love your neighbor as yourself" precisely tells us this (the phrase should be understood exactly - completely precisely). We share consciousness, but our constant interaction, constant influence, constant acquisition of experience from different spaces, and constant application of management between us based on different angles of view continuously change our shared consciousness. Each one of us constantly influences the world and is constantly influenced by our world.

(*example of fractality https://fractalzooms.tumblr.com/ // related: https://sputniknews.com/science/202011181081183334-scientists-find-surprising-similarity-between-brain-structure-and-the-universe/)




The constant mutual interaction (impact) between autonomous conscious units (at all levels) affects not only us, but also our world, meaning our common consciousness and the information/thoughts within it.

We influence our surroundings (other autonomous units) either directly - physically/emotionally, or indirectly - through information. It is significantly important for us to realize the tools for managing/interacting with our environment, with our world in our life. Misusing and mishandling the tools for control/incorrect interaction with our environment creates very unpleasant situations, disputes, misunderstandings, and mutual lack of understanding.

For an easier understanding of the tools for managing our space, we can observe the management applied by our elites to our society. Our crowd-elite society is governed at five levels:
1/ Conceptual (worldview) - most effective
2/ Ideological
3/ Legislative
4/ Judicial
5/ Executive - least effective

We can divide our personal management, our influence, on our surrounding environment in exactly the same way. At a conceptual level, we affect our environment when we try to explain to others the main principles of how our world works. By explaining the basic functional principles of our reality, we enable people to orient themselves at a lower ideological level of management, where they are exposed to various ideologies, stories, purposeful propaganda, etc. These two higher levels of management are informational levels, and influence occurs indirectly/subconsciously, so people often do not realize that they are being influenced. Further levels are already included in direct management, where we affect a person (or other conscious entity/animal, plant, etc.) directly either emotionally or physically. By creating commands, prohibitions, rules at the "legislative level," the affected person already knows and is aware of our influence on their life, which ultimately also causes susceptibility to failure of such management. Depending on their emotional maturity, they either listen to us and follow our established rules regardless of their correctness because they are afraid of the consequences of our decisions (verdicts) and subsequent enforcement sanctions, fines, or a reduced standard of living..., or they ignore us. I could write countless examples for each level of direct management, but why bother? We encounter them every day in our lives, every encounter, every interaction with our conscious environment. All we need to do is start noticing them.




The problem with our "old" world is that too many people are not aware of their own daily impact on the world, are not aware of the various levels of control, and are not aware of their own power. Many people are unable to manage their surroundings other than directly, so they are unable to realize the highest level, the main principle of how our world functions, and they are literally carried away by an ideological current, from one side to the other, often conflicting thoughts, stories, and into the realm of dreams. Our basis of ignorance lies in the inadequate understanding of the conceptual level, that is, the inadequate realization of the main principle of how our world functions - unity. Many of us get lost in the illusionary ideologies of individualism, separating ourselves, compartmentalizing ourselves, not meeting each other, and only minimally affecting our surroundings in a conscious way - and that is the main mistake. Nothing in our world is isolated, everything is interconnected. The illusion of separation constantly leads us down a destructive path of competition and conflict.

According to human psychology, which is directly determined by the understanding of the conceptual level, people can be divided into two basic types: "individualists" and "collectivists" (unaware and conscious / animalistic and human / bad and good) - simplified. Of course, there are many shades of different levels of understanding reality, ranging from the brightest to the darkest colors, so people cannot be pigeonholed into just two concepts, there are a large number of variants of understanding, but for easier understanding of the conceptual essence, the use of two main opposing attitudes is necessary in this case.

The different level of maturity of individuals can be easily seen according to the applied level of control of the autonomous conscious unit (person) over their surroundings. Few can manage conceptually, not everyone ideologically, but anyone of us is capable of direct visible control.




Different levels of people (autonomous conscious entities) influence and react to each other differently. The rule applies that a lower level of awareness is unable to influence a higher level. Lower levels cannot convince higher levels on an ideological or conceptual level because they are not even aware of them. Therefore, we may find ourselves in a situation in life where we try to persuade another person to share our goal, to convince them to walk the same path, but we cannot do it, we are unable to influence them, because we direct them exclusively (through direct control) with commands, blackmail, emotional pressure without ideological support, or without sufficient explanation of our plan (goal). In such a case, the other person may seem stubborn to us, and we unjustly blame them for our failure. We ourselves are the source of our management problem. The inability to influence another person stems only from our own low level of management, from our inadequate awareness. The success of mutual interaction, i.e., cooperation, depends on the ability to establish MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL goals regardless of our own or other's level. Everyone is different, and everyone has different things that apply to them.




Even though there are countless different levels of autonomous conscious entities in our world, each choosing its own path from all different angles, in all possible directions, as long as we understand the basic principle, we can always set a common goal regardless of our diversity. One main common output can have multiple inputs.

Understanding the basic principle, realizing unity, is literally realizing love. True love is a feeling that arises from the awareness of the main principle that connects us, the principle that connects our world - true love is the ability to see oneself in the other. The principle is completely natural, fundamental, essential, NOT illusory, EASILY observable in nature and can also be easily observed using our most advanced technologies. Love can literally be felt towards everything.

Let's not confuse love with the instincts of our bodies, with our program to be able to reproduce even in times of ignorance. Each of us has the program (chemistry) of reproduction and preservation of our species within us. It is one of the main programs of autonomous conscious units, through which the world, the universe, is constantly expanding, improving, and increasing its capacity at any time. The more conscious units that arise in the world, the more information is gained from the world and used for one output - consciousness. In other words, the more there are of us, the more conscious (wiser) we become, and the more miraculous our world, our universe becomes. From this perspective, it is significantly important for us to take care of every single life form, to take care of life so that it does not disappear, but grows at every level. Any individualistic effort to elevate oneself above others, mocking others, or destroying others is foolishness and ignorant self-sabotage.

Let us learn to see the other as ourselves, let us learn to see the "divine" that we see in ourselves, also in others (in people, animals, plants...). After all, we share the same consciousness, only our different positions determine us to walk on different paths. Realizing the essence of love allows us to naturally combine different paths into wider common paths, common ambitions, and goals. Cooperation is the foundation of our comfort, the basic building block of utopia. Together, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.




In today's society, our fragmentation is the main problem. Over time, our "experts" from various fields have convinced too many people of the importance of individualism in our lives. They refer to the laws of nature, behavior patterns observed in lower life forms, on lower levels of understanding reality, in short, on animals, in their persuasion. They deliberately compare higher levels of consciousness (humans) with lower levels (animals) to create the impression of infallibility of their diverse, unrelated theories. They mix apples and oranges on purpose. As a result, our low awareness, our ignorance of the basic principle of how our reality works, then causes the inability to positively influence our environment, beneficially, without creating unnecessary tension between autonomous conscious units - between us. We tend to behave more like animals than humans. Misapplication of control on our environment then creates tense and even critical social situations in life.

The more widespread individualism is in society, the greater the problems we have in building functional interpersonal relationships. We try to find life partners based on precise personal (dreamed) specifications that only consider our (mostly animal) needs. We try to act completely ideal on others, like in a movie, so that we can impress a person with completely different interests with our pretense. Even if we succeed, with enormous personal effort, in finding a partner, the relationship usually quickly "crashes" - collapses. Over time, our pretense fades from our face, and the values of individualism, literally the values of the animal level, begin to cause disagreements between us and at the same time cause the inability to seek solutions to our common problems. The relationship usually ends with the words, "I imagined it differently."

We are not aware of and do not consider our natural diversity, because no one is the same, even though we have a common database (consciousness), each of us is different and unique, and it is not possible for us to agree completely with everyone on everything because each of us has our own unique perspective and focuses on a different part of information in the database. Nobody will ever behave exactly as we imagine from our own point of view, even when we demand it through strong repression (direct control - emotional or physical violence). Reality comes from the main principle of unity. Therefore, it is important for us to seek mutually beneficial goals and cooperate in relationships, and we can only achieve this through indirect control and influence on the close person. Conceptually - explaining principles, or ideologically - persuading, explaining, or discussing our problems and solutions.

Depending on the difference in our level of understanding of reality and our worldview, we are then faced with a greater or lesser challenge of mutual understanding - reaching an agreement. Personally, I am a supporter of the belief that nothing is impossible. Any combination of personalities in a romantic relationship can be synchronized over time into a successful common path in life. All it takes is the desire and patience. Of course, it is an advantage if at least one of the partners realizes the basic principle of our world, on which they can then gradually build and develop the relationship. Two individualists (animal psyche) in a relationship are probably the most challenging combination and the greatest challenge for maintaining a functional relationship until old age. Individualists behave instinctively, programmed with a mask on their face, and they have a hard time finding common goals while also easily disappointing each other.

The innate programs of our bodies allow us to reproduce quite efficiently even in times of our ignorance, so fortunately our stupidity does not affect the population curve. Thanks to fundamental principles, humanity is constantly expanding, improving, and increasing its level - every new generation is more skilled than the previous one - but our stupidity directly affects our personal comfort and significantly accentuates our suffering in life. To make our lives easier, to rid ourselves of suffering, it is important for us to learn not to mistake "love," the feeling that arises based on an embedded program, with true love, which arises from acquired knowledge. Let us increase our level, learn, observe, nowadays it is so easy, easier than ever before, the challenge is as light as a feather. It is enough to just realize the main fundamental principle.




We can easily observe successful cooperation between different levels of autonomous conscious units in the relationship between a child and a parent, where the parent's care and patience lead the child towards gradual awareness. Depending on the maturity of the parent, the child progresses towards independence and achieving human maturity in adulthood either faster or slower. Unfortunately, the rule "The child suffers for the sins of their parents" applies. An unaware parent can greatly complicate the situation for the child in their growing up years, either by constant direct control (emotional, physical pressure) or insufficient attention and positive influence on the child. Such a child is psychologically deformed and is prone to acquiring various psychological defects (complexes) in childhood, or may seek refuge under external influence, which can purposefully radicalize the child.

Fortunately, again thanks to innate programming, the statistical majority of the population loves their offspring regardless of their level of development and is capable enough to take care of them in life. Maternal instinct is not only observed in humans but is also easily seen in animals. It is among the basic programs in our ever-expanding world.

Parental love results in the fact that even if our child makes countless mistakes, errors, and causes us a great deal of problems while growing up, we are always able to empathize with them and forgive them. We guide them on the path of life using various methods that have either a direct or indirect character. Depending on our ability to establish a favorable balance between direct and indirect control, our child grows before our eyes and with their independence and maturity, they bring us increasing joy.




We can see a very similar form of understanding on a larger scale between different human societies, between nations. Finally, in the 21st century, we can clearly see in the field of diplomacy the equivalent of a parent-child relationship. On the one hand, we see states that, due to their childish immaturity, are eager to confront more developed states, which on the other hand, with their parental patience, are capable of diplomatic negotiations at any time, even after causing very unpleasant and dangerous problems or situations.

This soft form of diplomacy personally gives me hope that as humanity, we have understood and adopted the basic principle of how our world functions on a broader scale. In this case, it is only a matter of time before awareness spreads, thanks to a shared database, among a significant statistical majority of people, and we finally begin to positively influence our environment without creating unnecessary tension, when we begin to effectively cooperate together at the regional, but also at the global level. Finally, we will mature.

Not only representatives of states and state institutions show a sufficient level of awareness, but increasingly, significant personalities from the corporate sector, from the private sphere, and also among ordinary people who spread similar ideas in the public space, are appearing in the media.

Therefore, the controlling groups should not be "boxed" by country names, corporation names, or other "dark" organizations; it is always necessary to look at the level of control of a particular controlling unit, person, state apparatus, or other controlling group. We recognize the tree by its fruit. The type of applied management, the ability to set mutually beneficial goals, emphasis on unity and protection of life, will clearly show us and help us distinguish who is "good"/enlightened and, conversely, who is "bad"/unenlightened.

We may have studied hundreds of books, we may feel wise, educated, titled, but until we are able to understand the most basic principle that we can observe in our daily lives, we can consider ourselves stupid and ignorant. We are not fighting evil, but ignorance.

Today we stand on the threshold of a golden age, an epochal change of humanity that will soon lead us to the stars, but before that, a parental slap awaits us, which may be quite unpleasant, but significantly necessary, as many of us in life have been tempted into a blind alley of individualism and "deadly" thinking about our "overpopulation".




Love can be understood, it can be comprehended, it can be felt. Love is the most fundamental reason why our world exists. Love is the main principle of our world, which is so close to us every day that we often cannot even see it. Let's focus and notice it.

Our world is interconnected, we are interconnected, each of us influences the whole and is at the same time influenced by the whole. Let's not be afraid to influence our surroundings, and at the same time, let's not be afraid to be influenced by our surroundings. We can easily recognize destructive dead-ends - let's ignore them with parental patience and compassion. Let's learn to set mutually beneficial goals.

Let's not separate ourselves, let's meet, insufficient contact with other conscious entities deforms us psychologically and prevents us from growing, from realizing ourselves. Birds of a feather flock together - let's create our own filters, which filter out different levels of awareness in the information field. There is no need to pretend, there is no need to be ashamed, there is no need to try to impress everyone, it is not possible, nor is it necessary, just be natural, just be yourself. Each of us is unique with our own perspective, which we subconsciously share into a common database, which ultimately expands and enriches our database. Thanks to our uniqueness, the world becomes ever more miraculous and perfect.

When searching for a life partner, let's use exactly the same logic filters, but at the same time, it's important not to remain passive. We need to make ourselves visible in an informative way so that someone with a similar mindset can easily find us. Again, it's not important to impress everyone, but rather the "right" people whose perspective on the world is similar to ours. Today, it's so simple, although many of us find it very challenging due to our complexes.

Let's learn to indirectly control and influence our surroundings through information, thus avoiding tense situations in our lives. Life becomes easier, and our suffering disappears. Let's look at our opponent with parental understanding and behave towards them as if they were to become our best friend in the future. That's exactly where we're heading.

Each one of us can accelerate the time of the inevitable occurrence with their influence on our surroundings, which is already here. Let's not remain passive, let's interact positively, act, and influence our common information field. Change is happening and will happen through us.

A new golden epoch of humanity awaits us, an epoch of understanding, cooperation, and love.


Juraj Tušš