26/ Today's situation in the world - Davos started the countdown.

Recently, two key figures in today's world politics - H. Kissinger and G. Soros - spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, among others. Both delivered very important messages to the world and outlined solutions to today's critical situation... although each had a different approach.

While H. Kissinger strongly urged the Western world to reach an agreement with Russia, threatening that if the situation is not resolved within two months, the current fight for Ukraine's freedom will turn into an open war against Russia, G. Soros emphasized the necessity of defeating Putin and mobilizing all resources to stop Russia, also not ruling out the possibility of the demise of our civilization in his speech.

More precise info:
about Kissinger - https://www.trend.sk/spravy/zaujme-mieru-ukrajina-mala-vzdat-casti-svojho-uzemia-tvrdi-kissinger
about Soros - https://spravy.pravda.sk/svet/clanok/627967-soros-civilizacia-mozno-neprezije-vojnu-na-ukrajine/




To understand the importance of these statements, it is necessary to realize that the annual World Economic Forum is organized by the top executives of corporations who, through their "spokespersons," negotiate and determine trends in the leadership of the Western world for the upcoming period. In addition to corporations, "spokespersons" of decision-makers who oversee the decisions of corporations also participate in the forum and, if necessary, try to influence them to prevent unpredictable destructive situations in human society.

For more clarification of my understanding of the division of elites, I have also written about it here: https://www.projektz.sk/news/18-dnesna-situacia-vo-svete-z-pohladu-historickeho-vyvoja-ludstva/.




G. Soros, known as a "philanthropist," is the main spokesperson for corporations and fully represents the position of the world's wealthiest people.

H. Kissinger, on the other hand, is the main spokesperson for arbitrators who have long corrected the policies of "spoiled children" (corporations) in the West. The problem of recent decades is that the "children" are starting to disobey.

I intentionally use childlike terminology because I do not know better words to express the factual essence of the psyche of people who have lived for decades in closed bubbles of unimaginable abundance. Our slave masters, the leaders of corporations, are spoiled children whose psychological development has lagged behind in the past century. Sectarianism has explicitly retarded them. Inadequate contact with reality, with the surrounding world, with other people deforms their psyche. They have fallen behind in development, and despite using the most advanced technologies that operate on the principle of connectivity, they themselves are unable to realize connectivity. They are animals, inhuman, instinctual, and only because of their unshakable belief in individualism. You might be thinking now that I am wronging them, who am I to judge them, what have I achieved in life... Let me write it to you differently, let me tell you what they have achieved in life.

All those inhumane things like drug trafficking, human trafficking, organ trafficking, child trafficking, child abductions, adrenochrome trafficking obtained from abused small children, all the most disgusting things you have heard of, and even those you have not yet heard of, could not exist in today's electronic world without the support of the wealthiest among us. Believe me, the poor do not engage in this kind of business; it is the wealthiest who can and do it, and thanks to their money, unimaginable atrocities still happen in today's electronic world, where everything is traceable and monitorable. Their sectarian faith in individualism makes other people just a number, just a human resource in their eyes.

Of course, these people with a child's psyche are masters of cynicism. They have figured out (not to understand the problem) that they need to be careful about public opinion. Public opinion is crucial for the success of their anti-human goals or directing maneuvers, and that is why these people always talk beautifully to us about an open society, democracy, freedom of speech, correct thoughts, nice thoughts, but the results of their activities are always the opposite, always acting differently, brutally, inhumanly. You recognize their falsehood by their shallowness; they cannot discuss or philosophize; they can only use phrases that they pick up from more mature people - from their opponents.

The danger of the current situation lies in the fact that these closed, inhuman, extremely wealthy "children" stop listening to their more mature advisers, judges, who have brought them to their current position (at the top of the pyramid) in the past.




They no longer listen to their advisors because the advisors suggest that they give up their positions and hand over the leadership of the corporations to more capable, mature people who have been raised outside their sectarian bubble.

From the advisors' point of view, their role as children has already been fulfilled, because thanks to them, thanks to their ignorance, they have created sufficient contrast in society necessary to realize the main principles of how reality works. Thanks to them, the decision-makers have created a conscious human elite.

Today, children simply do not want to give up their dominant position. They like to plunder and live at the expense of others, live in a bubble and only indulge in pleasures, enjoy their social status at the top of the pyramid... they even have a vision. Today's technological advancement of humanity and the literal possibility of transitioning to Industry 4.0 gives them hope that it is not necessary to live together with so many people on the planet. Their insane scientists tell them about the possibility of reducing the population to a billion, most recently to 500 million people. They call it resource consumption optimization. Of course, they are wrong and do not realize that our total population directly affects our technological progress. In the event of a population reduction, our race will degrade to the level of the Middle Ages within a few generations and lose the ability to respond to natural challenges, to the challenges of our planet, which are at our doorstep. Humanity will perish in such a case. Their sectarian fanaticism prevents any diplomacy with the human elite - with adult people who propose an alternative to them, which lies in cooperation, cooperation across the population. The condition is only to rid the children of their status and rebuild the financial pyramid system.

The human elite has put corporations in check, but unfortunately not checkmate yet. Adults have tipped the scales of finance with their decision to trade commodities in national currencies rather than in dollars or euros (although euros can be used for payment, they quickly burn up and transform into rubles). The more this type of exchange occurs, the more the Western pyramid economy overheats. The Western financial bubble is on the verge of bursting. Collapse and the formatting of the status of influential people are looming. The first could become the last in a matter of moments.

Corporations are aware of this risk, which they openly admitted in Davos. Soros explicitly speaks of the "disappearance" of their "civilization," their world order, and unfortunately confirms their willingness to go all out and confront the opponent with all available means, including all available commodities and atomic weapons (between the lines). Their only move left, which is why it's not yet checkmate, is open confrontation, an attack.

Humanity has never been so close to extinction as it is today. And it's because of spoiled "children," because of us, because of our naivety, and because we don't realize the real threat. We trivialize the situation and close our eyes to our own extinction. They wouldn't do that, they need us. They're not like that, they're not...drugs, child abuse, prostitution, murder, torture...they're much worse. Our blind support of madness can annihilate us. We ourselves defend our slave masters, we ourselves are not able to see an alternative that can guarantee prosperity for all of us. Children use an outdated mechanism of manipulation, and we in the 21st century can't outsmart them. I wrote about it here: https://jurajtuss.blog.pravda.sk/2021/10/17/can-we-apply-the-term-house-negro-in-our-society/.

Our society is in a critical situation. It seems that even referees are no longer capable of diplomatically persuading our spoiled children. Kissinger faced criticism and was labeled an "alarmist" due to his proposal for an agreement with the Russians. Kissinger, being "in the den of vipers," suggested that the children should capitulate. Any agreement with the Russians at this stage is equal to the defeat of the unipolar world, the existing world order, and equals the reformatting of the financial pyramid. The Russians have no reason to hurry; they literally sit on the remaining important resources that humanity still possesses. They sit and wait, realizing the fatal nature of possible decisions, with the logic of "Better to be dead than a slave."

Today our fate is in our hands. We, in the West, must wake up, realize the threat, and actively influence our surroundings to deactivate every destructive process initiated by corporations. Every destructive effort must be immediately exposed, analyzed, and ignored. Together we are very effective in preventing destructive processes. The best response to the action of fools is NO RESPONSE.




We must be cautious, especially in these times, because corporations have only one move left to maintain their influence in the world - the elimination of the Russian leadership. They will attempt to destroy the human elite and use all available means, all remaining resources, to do so. Time is not on their side. Kissinger set a very precise limit for them - two months. After this time, the Western financial bubble will burst with full force, creating chaos, unrest, poverty, hunger, and ultimately the collapse of population control, bringing people into unpredictable situations, perhaps similar to those we recently saw in Sri Lanka.

In a very short time, corporations must concentrate all their resources and use them to fight against the Russians, hoping to cause at least minimal internal destabilization in Russia and subsequently divide the Russians. Necessary processes are already underway. The creation of a federation of Poland and Ukraine simultaneously with Finland and Sweden's entry into NATO will ensure that corporations create a wide enough attacking front directed at Russia at one moment. There will be a general mobilization of the population of Europe (primarily Central and Eastern Europe). Untrained mobilized citizens will be sent to the first line of attack as the first ones, as food for cannons, as markers of enemy positions, and as human shields for the professional army in the background. We will be the mobilized ones.

The energy resources needed to carry out the attack will be taken directly from the people, concentrating everything they have available on the front. They will either introduce a rationing system or cut off people completely from the possibility of movement. However, they will never be able to do this until:

A/ they eliminate their internal opposition (within Western countries).
B/ they sufficiently scare the population.

Corporations simply need to take direct control of "their" society into their own hands in an accelerated time frame.




Last year, I warned about the planned trap by corporations on their own population, which aims to mark all people with critical thinking and eliminate them, whether by sending them to quarantine centers or now with the imminent possibility of sending them directly to the front line.

I wrote about the strategy in an article here: https://www.projektz.sk/news/16-dnesna-situacia-vo-svete-vyhladova-situacia-na-slovensku/ .

I even recorded an interview on the topic here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEUsPi0gy0E (the whole interview is on ZVTV).

A new type of dangerous virus is looming on the horizon today, which, according to available information, has the potential to execute this kind of trap on the population. Analyst Martin Koller previously informed the public in an interview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV2W-bF__UU) about biological laboratories in Ukraine that were partially destroyed on the first day of the conflict. He revealed that experiments with deadly diseases and the creation of a biological weapon combined with Covid and smallpox were taking place in these labs. The mortality rate of this combination is estimated to be around 80%. These pieces of information should not be underestimated because, as I personally predicted last year, corporations would come up with a more deadly version of the disease to induce fear and discredit all "doubters." Today, it seems they have arrived and have already started creating the necessary information field in the mainstream. The question is to what extent the corporations succeeded in developing this biological weapon against humanity and to what extent the Russians prevented them from doing so. The first information suggests that monkeypox mainly affects people in the LGBTQ+ community, those with weakened immune systems. It immediately occurs to me that there is a connection between why vaccines were pushed so heavily last year and their side effects, which speak of long-term reduction in the vaccinated person's immunity. So, in one year, they massively reduced the population's immunity, and in the second year, they spread a deadly virus among people to create fear, panic, lock people up in cages (like in China), or to discredit and eliminate dissenters. A diabolical plan. It is certainly not flawless, and it will certainly not apply to everyone because not everyone with a vaccination certificate was vaccinated last year, and not every doctor injected the vaccine into people during vaccination. So the mortality rate will certainly not be at 80%. I assume rather 20-30%. This new disease should not be underestimated, and it is crucial to stay healthy. Let's boost our immunity immediately so that we don't get scared and literally poisoned later on. Since I counted on this scenario, I wrote a "protocol" last year on how to stay healthy and how to deal with every type of virus, HERE: https://www.projektz.sk/news/19-zdravotny-protokol-na-vsetky-mutacie-virusu-sach-mat/. Above all, do not believe mainstream experts who avoid any discussion and only lead us where corporations need us to go..., of course, for money. Let's stay passive towards them, not react, otherwise, they will lead us to the grave.




My intention is not to scare you, but to wake you up from naivety and make you realize the enormous threat that we, as humanity and as a society, are facing today. Any trivializing of the situation at present is very dangerous. The frog will boil in a moment.

The key to successfully preventing the current madness is us, the people in the West. With our attitude, we can effectively prevent the destructive management in our society. We must not be afraid, we must not bury our heads in the sand, we must not wait, we must always support stabilization efforts and always ignore destructive efforts. Our attitude is extremely important - it influences our surroundings.

We are not alone in this. Across Western society, there are several "sharpshooters" waiting in hiding for a suitable opportunity to take their shot (more on the nature of the issue here: https://jurajtuss.blog.pravda.sk/2022/02/05/matovic-je-narodny-hrdina-alebo-blazon/).

A few of them have already fired their shots. Erdogan surprised me by preventing negotiations on Finland and Sweden's entry into NATO at a critical moment. With this step, he at least delayed the creation of an offensive front against Russia. Another one is the Germans, who do not supply enough weapons to Ukraine, but especially did not deliver the promised heavy military equipment to the Poles. In this way, they reduced the offensive capabilities of the Polish army, which, along with the Baltic states, aims to attack Belarus first after the creation of a federation between Poland and Ukraine.

In European politics, there are personalities who are aware of the issues in today's critical situation and actively try to avert the threat. Another one is V. Orbán, who was the first to understand what was said in Davos. The day after, he declared a state of war threat in Hungary (https://www.ta3.com/clanok/236936/orban-vyhlasil-stav-vojnovej-hrozby-v-madarsku-povoluje-to-ich-ustava), thus firmly taking control to be able to react quickly to external threats that may come to "his" country from all sides during destabilization. With his stance, he also made it clear that he will not subsidize the "Ukrainian front" indefinitely and will concentrate energy resources only for "his" own country in times of war, partially undermining the corporations' plan.




Davos has started the countdown and launched an extremely critical period of human maturity. You may consider me an "alarmist" because of this article, but I am not the one saying it - the most influential figures in today's world politics are.

We all need to grow up as soon as possible, otherwise, we should not make any nice plans for next year. That's why I dedicate this article to all "children" who can reach it through sharing, and I also draw your attention to the text that, if you don't realize it in time, you will lose everything you have, and you will also lose the future of your children - here: https://www.projektz.sk/news/25-about-love-a-little-differently/.


Juraj Tušš