In the previous article - "Connection point" (www.projektz.sk/news/miesto-prepojenia/), I outlined my perspective on the fundamental principle of how our world functions. In short, I can summarize it simply by saying that the world is interconnected and can be imagined as a huge, constantly changing space full of bursts of energy, of which we are not a part, but rather, we are its direct extension. Therefore, the space is constantly fractally dividing or expanding into further autonomous spaces (consciousness), which directly influence the shape of this huge, partitioned, constantly expanding and changing space through their mutual interaction. In other words, each one of us influences the resulting state of our common reality, our world. In this article, I will draw your attention to the tool used for the conscious change of reality through mass influencing of consciousness - propaganda.

As I mentioned, the main goal of propaganda is to influence as wide a range of consciousness as possible and thus change reality, whether for personal, economic, political, or managerial benefit. We encounter it on a daily basis and its foundation is completely natural - the dissemination of information, interaction. Untrue, incomplete, partially true information is used in propaganda, which aims to make us think in the desired direction, thereby automatically changing our perception of reality, our behavior. Mass communication media are currently used to spread propaganda: television, internet, radio, etc., but also books, newspapers, textbooks, various pseudo-scientific studies, and so on. A complex system has been created to influence people's (consciousness). If someone says that people are controlled by strings (like puppets), then it is important to realize that in fact, the controlling strings represent precisely the information we encounter. It looks terrifying because theoretically every piece of information we encounter can have the purpose of misleading us. To be the creators of our own happiness, to consciously and autonomously pursue our goals, to hold our lives in our own hands, it is necessary to learn how to work with information.

The only guaranteed way to verify information is through our own experiences. It's no use having studied entire libraries, stacks of books, if we don't verify the information through practice (or personal observation), we become susceptible to manipulation of our consciousness. Situations we experience in life provide us with enormous opportunities for personal development. I intentionally write opportunities because most people waste their chances to improve or don't even notice them. In today's fast-paced world, people don't realize what they are experiencing (they simply don't concentrate). Therefore, it's important to emphasize alertness, concentration, and being present. One thing is to encounter information, another is to even notice it (become aware of it). If we are not focused in our lives, our experiences will be wasted, and we will continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

However, verifying information solely through experience is not feasible, as it is not within our power to try everything and experience everything. Therefore, our thinking concept is also important, which we form throughout our lives, in other words, a belief in a certain philosophy, in a foundation from which we reflect and which directs us all the time. For example, in mathematics, if I master the conceptual basis of a solved problem, there is a high probability that I will be able to solve the problem in a different way than using known formulas. In my personal case, I can demonstrate conceptual thinking by believing, for instance, in the basic philosophy of interconnectedness of everything, I will not believe in any other concepts that promote individualism and personal well-being in my life. Rather, I will try to verify my hypothesis with the widest possible range of indirect information or personal observation. Of course, it is more complicated, and with any belief, that is, information that I cannot directly verify, I need to be cautious and not just cling to it. To prevent belief from eventually becoming dogma, "this is how it is and no other way." One must have an open mind to all ideas and adjust one's conceptual thinking along with increasing personal level. By combining knowledge (as wide a range of information as possible) with experience and concentration, we will get a guaranteed good recipe for proper autonomous conscious living.

Let's learn and not harden our hearts, let's concentrate and above all let's experience. In this way, we increase our personal level and become more immune to propaganda and any attempts to influence us. Notice how less aware, less experienced people can never influence you. Only those who are more aware and experienced can influence you, if they want to. Therefore, the saying "good triumphs over evil" or "light shines in darkness" still holds true. Try to reach at least the level of knowledge where you understand the importance of collectivism. After reaching this level, we will all together reach levels that we cannot even dream of. Only together are we capable of great things, directly determined by our inability to separate ourselves from our environment, because we are that environment! There are a few people who understood this in times when interconnectivity was not as apparent as it is today. One of them is Ján Werich. Just admit it, his message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-GfjYleff4.

Juraj Tušš