In this article, I will try to present my view on topics that only divide most people and our society. If you happen to notice your blood pressure rising while reading, it's better to stop reading :D.

I'll start by stating that globalization is an objective process that cannot be stopped. Its level is directly derived from the technological progress of humanity. Therefore, I don't quite understand the so-called anti-globalists. I understand that there are currently problems with the redistribution of resources within society due to globalization, but it should be realized that these problems mainly stem from a lack of awareness among people.

From an economic point of view, decentralization of industry does not lead to efficient production. It is not possible for every country, every region in the world to produce everything (currently available on the market) and achieve full self-sufficiency. We can try to do this to some extent, but in a global perspective, we are only wasting resources. In a growing human population, industrial specialization is important, just as our personal specialization is important. If we want to achieve efficiency, we must not try to focus on everything, but only on a certain part. Until we achieve higher technological progress (which directly depends on our level of awareness) and continue to work with limited planetary resources and limited energy resources, regulating resource consumption on the planet remains a priority. If we all started producing everything, our Earth would not be able to sustain it for long, which is why it is easier to regulate global industry through thousands of companies rather than millions. Our discomfort comes precisely from the inadequate awareness that we are part of a network, a whole, humanity. We constantly compete, divide ourselves... and as a result, areas are created on Earth that consume more resources and live at the expense of other, less aware areas. If we started working together, even the form of resource redistribution would change. I am convinced of that.

From the perspective of "intergenerational cooperation," globalization is also an objective process and once again determined by technological advancement. How can we prevent the natural movement of people around the planet, since the advent of air travel for example? Air travel allows us to be anywhere on the planet within a few hours, so it is natural that over time people will be forced to cooperate more and more at the intergenerational and international level. Therefore, it is important to learn tolerance and not be afraid to consider topics that are currently taboo.

One of them is, for example, the topic of racism. Nowadays, anyone who divides people according to race is a racist, and anyone who is proud of their nationality is a patriotic citizen. In reality, however, it is far more natural to divide people based on their racial affiliation. Just imagine hypothetically that you arrived on Earth as a visitor from another planet :D, and they placed in front of you a Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Czech, Swede, Norwegian, German..., would you be able to distinguish between them if they didn't say a word? You would be far more likely to find a difference if they placed in front of you a member of the white, black, yellow, and red races. The differences between races are apparent, and it is not true that we are only different on the surface. Physical and mental abilities differ. Each race has its advantages and disadvantages, and realizing them is an advantage. For example, the black race dominates with its strength, body structure, and physical endurance, but lags behind in logical thinking and creativity. The yellow race dominates with its intelligence, mental endurance, but lags behind in strength and creativity. I cannot specify the exact advantages of the red race since I do not encounter them, but according to what I know, they dominate with their spirituality and connection to nature. The white race dominates mainly with its creativity. We are not so strong, we are not so intelligent, but we are incredibly creative. The white race has been pushing humanity's technological advancement since the beginning with its ideas. You can discern other advantages and disadvantages of races by observing them yourself. Of course, it is necessary to realize that there are many representatives of individual races, and not all of them can be classified based on a few words. Each race includes members of all positive and negative characteristics and abilities. I am writing more about statistics and prevailing abilities of given races. Past and present events reveal them to us. For example, why were blacks the first to be enslaved? Why can yellows copy everything and produce for the whole world? Why were whites the first in space? The answers to not only these questions suggest and show the apparent differences between individual races and the level of their awareness.

It is also very important to realize the danger of crossing races. It is crucial to maintain at least a portion of the population from each race as pure (not crossed), as crossing results in the degradation of races, their abilities, and properties. For example (in simple terms), if you cross a white creative with a black strong, the result will not be a combination of creativity and strength. The result is that the offspring will not be as creative or as strong as its parents. The gene pool weakens and causes the offspring to have slightly limited potential. It is not so much of a personal problem because any disadvantage an individual has may have a potentially incredible advantage for their spiritual development (realization). Rather, it will have an unfavorable global impact on humanity because, over time, we will start to lack elites of creativity, intelligence, and strength. There will be a lot of average individuals. Our development will slow down. In every culture, there are writings that warn of the danger of crossing races. Even today, there are areas where it is strictly forbidden.

Everyone should be proud of their race and should benefit from its advantages. However, it does not mean that one should despise or exploit another race for their own benefit. It is important to realize the unity of humanity. We can only achieve efficiency and rapid development through cooperation, utilizing our abilities collectively to achieve anything. It is true that there are significant differences in levels between races, which prevent us from cooperating at all levels. Therefore, it is important to provide the conditions for the development of each race, information, autonomy, space, resources, time... Until individual members achieve a similar level of awareness, problems and dangerous situations arise, and it is necessary to segregate them from each other - to separate them. No one will reach a higher level of awareness until they want it themselves. Therefore, patience is often important, and it is good to let the nonconformists "simmer" and "stew" in their own juice (in the form of imprisonment, reduced comfort, etc.). We should not hope that integrating a lower level into a higher level will achieve the desired result. It will only create unnecessary problems.

There were times when they tried to divide us as much as possible. Artificial nations were created, new states emerged. State borders were determined by the ruler. Elements of sports and fandom were added to the national question.


There are times when people must understand the importance of "inter-racial" cooperation, the principle of race development, and the absurdity of the national factor.


There will be times when people will begin to come together again and new elements will emerge formed according to the level of awareness, race, religion, and finally, people on Earth will only use one term - humanity.

So, I argue that globalization is ultimately a proper and natural effort towards our development. However, until people reach a higher level of awareness, there is no need to rush into it. We need to ensure systematic development of members of all races and all levels. We can achieve this by expanding modern technologies throughout the world, involving all areas in our common network (the internet), and expanding necessary information. Until we reach a level of knowledge about collective importance and until the view of personal benefit prevails, it is better to separate members of different races with different levels from each other. This will avoid unnecessary escalation of tension in society. Humanity will face various challenges in the future, and only together can we easily pass through them, using the abilities of all of us. We are one species, one humanity. I am already beginning to understand the archaism that was often used in our area - comrade. The word says it all. Experience from the past clearly shows us how a good idea can be misused for bad purposes. This is true only if the majority of the population is at a low level and does not understand. Raise your level, it's so easy, all you have to do is start focusing and becoming aware.

Juraj Tušš