31/ Information boxes, or why you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

To understand the current tense situation in the world, the dangerous events in our surroundings, to comprehend manipulative techniques, ultimately to make informed decisions and use our common sense in a timely manner, we must as soon as possible grasp the principle of how our reality works - the main principle defining the entire 21st century and all the centuries that came before it.




In this project, I am constantly trying to write about the same thing using different words, different sentences, pointing to different topics - reality, foundation, and the basis on which each of us can build and therefore develop our understanding of the world around us. I am not trying to delve into depth because the depth of each information topic can be theoretically endless. Instead, I am trying to grasp and point to the principle or concept that is visibly reflected in our most modern technologies in today's world.

The world can be viewed in two fundamentally interconnected dimensions:
A/ Through Energy (matter)
B/ Through Information (consciousness)

Our reality is clearly energy-informational, because thoughts obviously affect physical reality (try to move), and conversely, physical reality affects thoughts (read the news from the world, or seeing a new image can change your attitude and subsequently your behavior/thinking towards your environment). Whatever the starting point for defining our world, from a basic overview, it is important to realize the interconnection of everything with everything at both an energetic and informational level.




The situation can be compared to our created artificial interconnected information networks - the Internet, where a huge database of information directly influences all connected physical devices (computers, mobile phones...) to the network. Even though there are a huge number of devices that acquire information for the common database, we can still talk about only one network, the Internet, from an overview perspective.

Therefore, let's now imagine the world as one big information database, which is composed of several networks of devices and multiple information databases, which energetically changes in real-time based on the acquired information/experience from the devices.

Although there are a huge number of devices of different types, abilities, and possibilities, all devices have the same foundation - the freedom of choice in decision-making (divinity) and interconnectivity. On the other hand, the basic parameter that distinguishes us all from each other is our different position in space, our angle of view of reality - our uniqueness. No one else is in our point of observation, only "me". Since spatial fractality of reality is observable in our world, there is an infinite series of personalities, not only in the human realm.




The combination of our uniqueness and our divinity, but the lack of awareness of our interconnectedness, creates a perfect condition for the "creation" of our ego. If we do not realize the fundamental principle of reality - interconnectedness, we can very easily fall into the idea that "life is all about me/it depends only on me", because after all, "I am".




However, it's not just "me" - there are an incredible number of devices connected to a single shared network that forms our consciousness (information database), and new ones are constantly naturally formed as our space/universe expands - we are space. And there isn't just one database of information, but several databases that together form one big one - our world. I assume that they will be divided within compatibility according to various types of autonomous conscious units. Although theoretically, we are capable of connecting to any database, it will require much more focus and energy than natural connection to our own species database, which influences us most significantly. What I mean is that the thoughts running through our heads come from a shared human database of information, the database that is most compatible with us, and they are not just our personal creation, but our collective result of our thinking and experiences.




From the perspective of managing autonomous conscious units, it is therefore important to maintain control over the common database of information. In fact, it seems to me that over time, in order to control thoughts and society, several artificial subgroups of information databases have been created, referring to human language (writing, speech). Let us notice the sometimes absurd differences in neighboring languages, it is not always possible to speak of a natural evolution of dialect in different spaces and times. I have a reasonable suspicion that dividing one human information database into several smaller databases allows people/nations to control and manipulate information more easily. We can easily see how different nations teach their populations different histories. For example, someone dreams of a great Turkey, someone dreams of a great Hungary, someone dreams of a great Poland, someone dreams of a great Ukraine above all, someone dreams of Hitler, someone still dreams of kings and queens, in short, as many nations as there are histories, stories, pride and injustice. Usually, the inhabitants of one nation know only their own story and do not know the stories of other nations. In an ideological sense, it is possible to control each nation separately in this way, and I claim artificially.




Let our centralized media space be a confirmation of how the media, controlled from one (in our case) ideological center, influences which information will be brought to the attention of the population in a particular nation at a given time. Let us take, for example, the recent "corona crisis" or the conflict in Ukraine and notice the common/different media/influential centers.




Thanks to our energy-information interconnected world, we are able to relatively accurately take control over a wider area of our reality, over human society and not only over it.

In fact, over time, we were able to breed a Chihuahua from a wolf, meaning that through long-term persuasion of the consciousness of a group of wolves/later dogs (a subspecies of lower information database), we managed to program a certain group of animal species with the main idea that "a handbag" is more comfortable than life in the forest, and thus change and create a new animal subspecies (figuratively speaking).

Attempting to control, program, or rule over others is an artificial, unnatural effort that stems not only from certain advanced knowledge, but also from our unconsciousness, our ego, our foolishness, and our inability to see interconnectedness.

The world organizes itself in a decentralized, automatic way through a simple method of trial and error, interaction, and learning. Any attempt to artificially interfere with the natural mechanism can result in counterproductive outcomes.

While the results of purposeful programming/breeding are more reliable in lower information databases, the difficulty of influencing the informational space of human society increases exponentially. You may achieve partial success, but if you do not prevent the emergence of an informational contrast, society will quickly return to its natural state, to its natural development. Furthermore, the higher the informational contrast you cause with your artificial activity, the faster your initial successes in manipulation will disappear, thanks to the simple, natural method of trial and error, interaction, and learning.




If we wanted to effectively control society based on our subjective feelings (in our own image) in the long term, we would have to be able to control our entire human information space, our entire database. Without simultaneously influencing the entire database, we will never be able to prevent the creation of an information contrast that will quickly and automatically destroy our ambition to rule over everyone else.

Hypothetically, if we managed to control the entire information space today in the 21st century, and covered it with our own media, we could do anything we wanted, even destructive things such as inventing 72 new genders, depopulating the population through various informational, abortion-related, and health-related agendas, trafficking children for perverse purposes, and still, everyone would accept it because their thoughts would be overwhelmed with our sole propaganda, delivered in precise technical doses through coordinated information devices. Any contrast of information in the shared database is unacceptable in governance because it destroys subjective control, which is why we can see active efforts to censor information in our local/national database of information today. Censorship is a tool that prevents the creation of information contrast.




Thanks to the global contrast of information, we can clearly see the mutually competing controlling information centers. Let's notice that while one speaks of a world order - unipolarity, the other speaks of decentralization of society management, a multipolar world and mutual cooperation. It is not just about resources anymore, as everything is energy, there is enough energy. Nowadays, it's mainly about taking over our information database, the human database. If one controlling center becomes dominant in the 21st century and physically eliminates its competitors in the information database, then a dictatorship will be established that we have not yet experienced and will not be possible to escape from in the future. People will become slaves/dependent poodles until the end of our planet, as they will want to be. They will not have any other ideas about reality in their heads, only those that they will consume daily from the information devices of one controlling center. They will never be able to imagine any other way of life. Any information contrast will disappear.

However, if the ambitious attempt of one controlling center fails, and it does not succeed in seizing our information database through the unified influence of the media on the population, then everything will quickly return to "normal," back to the decentralization of control, back to multipolarity, to the polarity of each one of us, back to freedom. Automatically, the more subjectivity we add to management, the greater the contrast of information and the greater the pressure to raise awareness among a wider population, raising awareness of autonomous conscious entities, awareness of people.

We are facing an information shock that will help us open our eyes and embark on a journey of common sense in our development.




Or in other words, "common sense", it's not a science, it's the ability to naturally connect to the common information database by focusing, without being influenced by external artificial programming of superficial information boxes.

Our common problem is that we easily get confused by artificial information boxes that purposefully evoke superficial feelings in us, to which we react impulsively - we let ourselves be controlled.

Let's think, let's focus, all the information is within reach even without someone else repeating it to us on TV a hundred times a day without trying to explain it with the slogan "truth is not up for discussion."

Let's keep an open mind to all information and differentiate between those that separate and promote individualism and those that unite and promote collectivism. The difference between truth and foolishness is a glaring contrast. If we have our eyes and minds open, not trapped by information boxes, we are not dogmatic, and we are capable of seeing and observing truth in our everyday lives. After all, even our most advanced technology does not operate on the principle of individualism, nor does the world or anything around us – everything is interconnected.

Once upon a time, someone wise advised people not to "harden their hearts." In my opinion, this person was right because the statement is nothing more than today's claim "let's not box ourselves in"/"let's not program ourselves"/"let's not harden ourselves," let's keep our minds open to our entire database of information.

Let's evolve naturally, humanly, with common sense.




And with these older sayings, I want to appeal mainly to our older generation. From my own experience (as a tavern owner), I know that most of the older generations have a problem with personal dogmatism. It's understandable, after all, they grew up and lived their most active years in a time when the technological level of humanity was far from today's level. Today, ideas of collectivism can be much more easily understood and seen in examples than in the past, when exclusive propaganda and information boxes were flourishing, and when much information was misused for a nice song on the way to hell, on the edge of which we find ourselves today. Many older people today do not even realize how many information boxes from the past they still cling to, on which they cannot give up under any circumstances. It's a paradox, the person may be experienced, but if they do not understand the principle of dealing with information/experience in life, then it is difficult to find functional solutions for themselves/their environment in today's world.

Few people who have been programmed their whole lives can break out of their programs and think innovatively. However, there are also those who can, and these are the people who become the personalities of today's world. They can think in a truly scientific style, with critical thinking at all times, and they have a lot of experience with which they can influence the extensive information environment even during extensive censorship of information. In short, the light shines in the darkness.

On the other hand, it is true that today's younger generation is easily influenced by any nonsense, lacks experience, but what is important is that it is not as steadfast in its thoughts, not as hardened. It can be easily directed in the right direction, especially because as a new generation, it is more skilled and information-savvy. Simply put, we are growing up in a new age - the information age. I am optimistic, young people will eventually manage it and create a more beautiful world than the one created by our older generation.



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Juraj Tušš