30/ Multipolar world and a new electoral system.

Notice how in recent years, significant representatives of states have been directing their attention to their conceptual perspective, the essence of their politics, their main goal, and the view with which they perceive the world. In their speeches, always focus on the key words: new world order or, conversely, multipolar world. In translation, while some seek to establish a single world government and centralize control in one point through the so-called new world order, others seek to significantly decentralize control into multiple points.

Why is this so? Which view is the right one? Which policy is the right one? Whose efforts should we support?




We can easily see the answers and reach a verdict if we compare the two distinct efforts mentioned above with our reality. Every human effort that mirrors the functional principles of our world is destined for success, and conversely, every human effort that goes against these principles is doomed to failure and is outright madness.

I have been drawing attention to the essence of our world in my project for a long time, because I have been observing it for a long time and have been aware of it for a long time - that essence is interconnectedness - the unity of the world. Today, it is not difficult at all to see the interconnectedness in our world, because every day we use technologies that simply would not work if the aforementioned principle (i.e., interconnectedness) did not apply. For example, if the world we live in were fragmented in any way, to any degree, how could our WIFI, which constantly sends enormous amounts of data through space, function?

Moreover, the space in which we find ourselves seems to be full of data, overloaded with data, everywhere, constantly and naturally, not just artificially. Therefore, we also imagine the world as (using different words to express the same thing) one information space that collects data from different angles, different places, different coordinates, different polarities into one database - into the world. There seem to be more of these informational databases, each animal species has its own, but in the end, they are all interconnected into one.

Our point of view is the most distinctive attribute that sets us apart because we all share the same database, our consciousness. Our "polarity" has a unique experience, a unique perspective on life, and a unique view of the data that we collect and share throughout the common database. Our uniqueness constantly expands and enriches the database, making us increasingly informed as a collective. What does it mean to be informed? For example, in a critical situation in our lives where we have never been before, but others have and have found a solution, we are able to quickly find a solution ourselves through our focus, thanks to the use of information from the shared database, through "inspiration", basically at that moment we get an idea. It is important to understand that our brains do not create reality, but they are like mobile devices that "only" connect to the shared database and constantly download/send shared data "through wifi". Our polarity, our point of view, directly influences the difference in the data received and sent, in other words, it influences the difference in our interest and focus in the database. The situation is very similar to the issue of our internet technology.

Today, we mainly share data with different polarities through our language, that is, our speech and our writing, which I personally see as the biggest problem of our understanding - misunderstanding. On Earth, we see a variety of different languages, which are more or less complicated and more or less compatible. Today, we can say that we are in a space of information barricades.

It is still not easy to consciously share thoughts globally in sufficient quality. Our current situation resembles the period from the early days of the internet when we enjoyed the speed of downloading and uploading data at 64kb/s on our network - figuratively. It is the speed and accuracy of data transmission that is crucial in developing our shared database, our understanding and communication, and our technologies. Even due to our imperfect communication, disputes arise not only between nations but also within nations, families, and individuals. While an idea is written or spoken, it always takes some time, and even after the time has passed, the idea is usually understood differently than it was originally intended. While we live in times of information barricades, understanding is a constant challenge for us.




Today, we see a bloody struggle between two different views of our existence in the world. One is illusory and insane, while the other is real and patient. However, this struggle is critical and dangerous because its outcome will determine whether humanity falls into self-destructive slavery or moves forward on the path of progress and cooperation.

Theoretically, if it were possible to create a single world government or establish a new world order in today's world, where we lack the necessary level of understanding, it would mean nothing but the establishment of real slavery. Information flows would be globally controlled from one center, similar to what we see today in corporate media in the West, which would cause our natural self-correction to be turned off, and we would have cluttered thoughts with only one perspective and one type of information in our minds. We wouldn't even mind because we would no longer be able to see the contrast between truth and manipulation and couldn't imagine any other way of life than the one that the world government had prepared for us. Our information database would lose its diversity and be manually distorted by a single perspective and a single center of control.

For us, for our progress and our freedom, it is incredibly important to maintain the contrast of information, hence the famous Voltaire quote: "I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." The contrast of information is incredibly important because it is precisely that which moves humanity forward in progress in the style of trial and error/lesson learned. As long as there are multiple viewpoints, multiple centers of information, multiple poles of power in the world, everything is fine because humanity collectively evolves naturally, and it does not matter that some part of the world is under the influence of one propaganda, one viewpoint, one set of information.

The attempt to centralize power over all people is the ego's attempt, which we create based on our previous ignorance, our foolishness, it is utter madness and a misunderstanding of reality. Until we increase our level of understanding, it is not possible to centralize management into one point and move forward on the path of globalization because, if we do, we will shoot ourselves in the head - figuratively.

We can only increase our understanding if we increase the transmission of data. In my project, I often come across the topic of telepathy, not without reason, because I see this concept as a way to increase the speed and accuracy of information flow between us. Imagine a situation where you wouldn't have to read, write, or speak, you would just focus your concentration and immediately know anything you wanted with technical accuracy of understanding. Information barriers would cease to exist in humanity. No one would think of ruling over others anymore. Why bother? People would become gods because we would learn to tap into the various databases of information in our world and immediately use them to our advantage. Suddenly we would see that there are not just 1, 2, 4, 8, etc. autonomous poles in the world, but countless billions. At that moment, all power structures would collapse and we would finally understand the true essence of the term MULTI-POLAR WORLD.




However, we still have a few years to go from now. I can imagine a variant where our development in this direction could be extra fast (just a few years), which is why I often mention the term technological leap, as today we have everything necessary to successfully develop telepathy technology by combining all our forces. On the other hand, there is also another possibility for our development - a much smoother and slower one.

Of course, our future depends on the current final battle between us, between people, and its outcome depends on what effort the majority of us decide to support. Will we support the individualists and their effort to introduce a new world order? Or will we discard our prejudices, our old information boxes created by corporate media, and embark on a journey of cooperation and technological progress in a multipolar world?

If we decide to create a multipolar world, we will automatically have to demolish, or rather transform (adapt), the existing power structures that have effectively centralized power over our society. The main ones are the media and our governmental system, which is controlled by our electoral system that is distorted by the media.

A big problem in our country is the dominance of mainstream information in society. Foreign corporations have created a media monopoly in our country, a monopoly on information, and have simply flooded our information database. What you call journalism, I call foreign policy. Powerful Western power structures have literally overwhelmed our space with their unified and one-sided information - their ideas.

This fact makes it possible to subconsciously create a herd effect in society, as foreign countries are spamming our "Slovak information database," which our brains understand, with their ballast and propaganda. All contrasting information is declared a hoax, a conspiracy, or the propaganda of the opponent, which is actually their defense mechanism against losing their influence in the end.

In such conditions, we can easily see absurdities in our society, such as when we appoint a completely unknown, fabricated but media-supported candidate to the head of state, instead of our national figure, or how we select our representatives from among our social trash of cheaters, perverts, and liars - we voluntarily choose "whitewashed graves." I repeat, the main mistake is not manipulation in the electoral system, but manipulation in our information system, in our consciousness.

In the near future, not only in our country but also abroad, both the media and the electoral system will be rebuilt. The new electoral system will have the task of protecting our government system and applying the handbrake in the event of any attempt to manipulate our population from abroad. There are certainly more functional variants in its future, but in this article, I will try to present my personal vision of its new model.




First of all, it is necessary to realize that as long as understanding is a challenge in society, it is not possible for every level of consciousness to have a decision-making voting right, to have the opportunity to participate in the election of the governing body. Unfortunately, foreign propaganda in our society, slowly but surely, creates personalities that are developmentally slowed down to an animal level, devoting themselves only to pleasures, their instincts, exactly like animals. They are boxed in by mainstream information and are no longer able to think independently, thinking only as others (influencers) tell them to. Sometimes such people are also called "bio-robots", precisely because they are living but at the same time very easily programmable.

Our society, our nation, must be built and firmly based on FAMILY. Why family? Because, first of all, it is within the family that our future generations are born. In my own words, family generates more heads, more intelligence, and more opinions, which have undeniable value for us since our species, our technological progress, directly depends on the number of intellects in our society. The more powerful and extensive our information is, the better technologies and more comfortable life we have as humanity. And secondly, basic training in governing society takes place within the family. It is where we can see who is capable of making compromises, who manages others, and who approaches teaching others. The larger the family, the more demanding the leadership training becomes. Every person who is capable of managing their own family must have the right to vote and participate in the governing body of our society. On the other hand, people who are selfish, individualistic, unable to make compromises, and unable to establish a family due to their complexes should not have the right to participate in any way in the elections for the governing bodies - simply because they do not have sufficient experience.

This is my first condition. Only those who have established families, including widows and widowers (not their children until they have established their own families), are allowed to vote and be elected. This condition will automatically select various individuals and separate them from forming the governance of our society, and on the other hand, strengthen the important position of the family in our nation.

The second change is more extensive, but I will summarize quickly that it is the merger of top-level and regional policies into one so-called social elevator, in which talented people from the bottom can rise to top leadership positions. Today, the problem is that we vote separately for the city and the state. While we usually know the people we vote for in the city, in state politics, we vote for people we don't know at all. Mostly only from hearsay, and even that hearsay is very distorted by foreign news services - meaning that media is literally used to manipulate public opinion. Therefore, I think that people from the lowest levels, from towns and municipalities, should also systematically make their way into top-level politics and not depend solely on foreign media support.

I imagine the future electoral system as a multi-level mechanism for selecting capable people. Firstly, heads of households, i.e. the husband/father and wife/mother, would participate in the elections and choose individuals for local councils based on districts. Everyone knows who is talented and charismatic in their area. The representatives chosen this way would select a group leader from among themselves, who would also serve as the mayor of their municipality or city. The election would have a simple rule: the chosen representatives must vote, but not for themselves. They can only vote for others based on who they believe has the greatest leadership potential. The group leader would not be bound only to their municipality or city but would mainly meet with other selected leaders from surrounding districts. These district leaders would, again using a similar style, select regional leaders, and the regional leaders would choose the country's top leader. The regional level would be equivalent to the current national level of politics, and the top leader of the country would be equivalent to the current presidential position.

This way, the elected state apparatus would not only be smaller in terms of numbers, but would also be based on the people's observed experiences, not just on fabricated media stories.




Today, we witness a decisive human struggle in the world, but it is not a struggle between two teams, like in sports events, it is a struggle between two governing philosophies. One philosophy goes against nature and is based on ego (stupidity), while the other strictly adheres to the principles of how our reality works. The outcome of this conflict will irreversibly influence our future and definitively determine whether we choose the path of slavery and our own demise or the path of cooperation and technological progress.

These paths can be short or very long, it all depends on us, our activity, and our pain threshold, to what extent we will be able to endure the suffering that must come. The purpose of suffering is to free us from our previous information dogmas and push us to start making changes in our organizational structures.

If we say today that this is the era of information, then know that the next era may not come at all, or if it does come, it will be a divine era - we will become gods. The decisive milestone will be the outcome of our current conflict and the time of adopting future technology that will speed up the flow of data between us, and our understanding will globally set us with technical accuracy - telepathy.


Juraj Tušš