29/ The potential of the Slovak nation in the 21st century.

The question of nationalism has been relevant for several centuries, but not every patriot realizes the meaning, point, and depth of the importance of national thinking as such.

Superficial understanding of patriotism is often exploited by foreigners through destructive control of the domestic population for crazy goals (see Bandera, Hitler, or similar "national heroes" who manipulate people into madness).

To avoid external manipulation, we must understand the true essence of national issues.




Each nation in the world is exclusively defined by its language, in other words, a nation influences, organizes, characterizes, creates, its ability to quickly, accurately, and with understanding share information/ideas across the population.

Language is the main "variable" determining the behavior, attitude, and overall culture of the nation at a given time. The situation is abstractly comparable to modern programming languages, which are more or less complicated by their differences, allowing for more or less easy creation of programs or coherent thoughts. The difference between nations literally determines the sophistication of the local "programming" language that people use for communication, information exchange, and organization.

The Slovak language, along with Czech, belongs to the most complex languages in the world.




The complexity of our language allows us to better grasp ideas, understand them better, explain them from various angles, in short, describe them better with different words, which in turn allows us to more easily understand and therefore simplify complex ideas more effectively for our wider audience.

We are able to see the basic principles of the functionality of reality in a more complex way and clarify them to our wider public much sooner than other nations in the world.

Although we are a small nation in terms of our numbers, our mutual communication is among the most advanced in the world, which creates the potential for us to be the "first" spark in modern human history to ignite a new level of awareness among people on a broader scale. Why do I think so?




Because today we have everything we need to be able to comprehend the complexity and unity of our common world with our minds, and at the same time simplify these difficult ideas to such an extent that a significant statistical majority of people on Earth can understand their meaning.

Today, with our explanatory efforts, we are capable of interrupting the age-old rivalry among people and finally directing our attention to cooperation and understanding.

Understanding the most basic functional principles of reality will automatically propel us as humanity towards an unimaginable technological leap. We will reach the stars, and beyond...

Getting rid of individualistic theories that have been significantly slowing down our progress for a long time will cause a change in our psyche and a reorganization of our population.




The control of people will significantly decentralize over time. People will no longer be governed by structurally dominant centers as it has been until now, but they will be able to manage and organize themselves, thanks to publicly available shared information, understanding of principles, in short, thanks to knowledge, and they will decide which projects, which ideas they want to revive with their participation, which they decide to support. At that time, humanity will embark on development in all possible directions without limitation, taking into account the main principle - the principle of unity.




However, a few more difficult years still separate us from that time. How long the challenging period, which unfortunately must come due to our previous lack of understanding, will last depends solely on us, on our ability to realize, understand, and comprehend.

The longer we are afraid to leave our previous information boxes created entirely purposefully by very wealthy individualists and our ego, the longer we will suffer in our society.

Even if we suffer, if we are unable to abandon our previous dogmas, our previous "truths," animal principles, we will permanently lose our place for existence in the future on this world.




Therefore, I would dare to call upon all those who are capable of recognizing our national potential, that is, Slovak intellectuals, to not focus on structural management, which is irreversibly disappearing, or on creating new political parties in an attempt to gain direct power, but to primarily concentrate on higher power - indirect (Conceptual and Ideological).

Only through enlightenment, that is, through understanding complex ideas, simplifying them and spreading them throughout our society, can we significantly shorten the time of suffering that must come, which is already here and will continue to escalate until the statistical majority of the population understands.

There is no reason to deal with tabloid ideas or problems. Now is the time to start explaining the principles of how our reality works to the broader public, that is, literally focusing attention on the conceptual level of information. Our current technological progress will significantly help us with this, because we all see it and it reflects the current level of human understanding of reality.




Just think, why should we strive to lead a structure that currently holds power over Slovak society if Slovak society is still unaware? Why be the leader of a flock of fools who, due to their ignorance, float in their thoughts like a leaf in the wind and cause more harm than good with their chaotic decisions and attitudes?

Moreover, this national structure is heavily subordinated to more powerful foreign structures that we are currently under the influence of. No one in our society can apply their arbitrary will in a structural way. Slovak sovereignty does not exist in reality. Ask Gaddafi how structural opposition went for him.

Only through indirect power are we able to realistically influence our future and our people. Our future lies in decentralization of management and cooperation, and this is the goal that our society must achieve, as there is no other future for us. The path to the goal leads less through politics and mostly through the main solution to the situation.




We need to stand together today on a purely political level, not fragmenting ourselves, biting the bullet, swallowing our pride, and supporting the one whom foreign structures criticize the most – the one they fear the most. We currently have no better speaker in Slovakia. It is high time to express a unified stance of the Slovak nation and to support our national figure together. Simple.




However, our main real chance for a turnaround in the current unfavorable course remains only through educating the population - understanding the most basic principle of our reality, namely unity across the population. (On unity, also here: https://www.projektz.sk/news/miesto-prepojenia/ , or here: https://www.projektz.sk/news/25-o-laske-trochu-inak/)

Every individual who is aware of the state of the situation must participate in the educational and explanatory effort of their surroundings, in order to help us spread unifying ideas to our people as soon as possible. Unfortunately, our education system will not help us in this, it is quite degraded, so we must manually replace it with our articles, speeches, podcasts, videos, images, and ideas.




Let us realize our true national potential. Together with our brother nation - the Czechs, we are capable of opening the world's eyes to a sufficient degree to see its unity. Our languages allow us to simplify complexity and fundamentally understand it. These principles can then be easily translated into simple foreign languages (such as English) and disseminated globally.

Czechoslovakia has always been among the most advanced industrial countries in the world, we have always been able to produce everything ourselves, and the real cause of our skill has always been our native language. Our information advantage. Let us use our skills, our advantage even in today's information age. Let us change the world.

I believe that in the 21st century, nations will disappear, but not physically, only people will manage to unite to an unimaginable extent. Our most advanced technology will help us, allowing people to use telepathic abilities. Speech and writing will become obsolete. The end of the 21st century will no longer recognize national issues. We will stop being Slovaks, Czechs, Russians, English, French ... we will start being people.

Let us think beyond the horizon of events and be part of the progress of humanity!


Juraj Tušš