27/ Today's political situation in Slovakia - a game of passes.

I don't like commenting on Slovak politics as it doesn't have much significance on a global scale. The sovereignty of a five million country is literally a myth, and our freedom to implement national policies always depends on a larger controlling entity, under whose influence we currently fall.

However, what is interesting to note about Slovak politics today is the very frequent application of the controlling maneuver called "playing the pass game".




Government politicians in Slovakia today have a difficult job. Why? Slovakia is now under the sphere of influence of corporations that have set clear and highly visible goals - to reform the logistics of raw materials (to eliminate the middle class), to get rid of competition (the human elite), and to establish long-term sustainability on the planet according to their understanding of the world - depopulate the population on the planet. These goals are against humanity, against animals..., it is the expressed madness of a small group of spoiled maniacs. Our politicians must use all available techniques of manipulating their own population to realize this madness, which is why it is interesting to follow Slovak politics today.




Slovak politicians have been tasked with destroying Slovak industry, burning the financial reserves of their own people, centralizing power using all available repressive means, and finally, goading the population into a "holy" war against the evil Russians, who shamelessly threaten the world order (of the corporations). These are not easy tasks, going against one's own, impoverishing one's own, and all the while pretending to be "saviors," as "saints." Our "house negroes," our servants belonging to foreign powers, can very easily lose control over their society, and people can very easily begin to ignore them (whether in state administration, in repressive forces, or in towns and villages). That's why they are forced to maneuver using the controlling tactic of passing the buck, which aims to boil us like frogs in water towards our own destruction.

Within their own government coalition, they have created seemingly oppositional camps. One proposes one solution, the other proposes the opposite, constantly arguing (passing the buck to each other), diverting attention while at the same time giving hope that there is still some common sense in the government... There is none, it's a lie. They have goals firmly set by foreign powers and are held together by the glue in which everyone believes - money. After all, our lives depend only on money, everything can be bought with it, if you don't have money, you are nobody. A typical illusion created by corporations for idiots, and hence the quality of our government, and not just our government officials, see example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZxK84tSmgM.

Our government politicians are currently playing a game when it comes to promoting so-called help for children and families. One player comes up with a great idea, which by the way isn't actually great, but the marketing around it makes it seem so. Another player from the same team opposes it and doesn't want to support the idea, while the first player passes the ball to a player outside the ruling party, their own created opposition, who supports the idea and appears as a winner in front of their voters because they "negotiated" "advantageous" conditions for the people with the ruling party. Then, a fourth player enters the scene and puts an end to the game by referring it to the constitutional court for review. The result is that nobody helped anyone, and voters were just entertained for months with hope, hopelessness, and emotions about the created game, during which many other destructive nonsense happened in the background.

Even if the constitutional court ultimately approves the game, this "help" is not help, but a burden, as it only "helps" a certain part of the population, which significantly burdens the entire population.

Similar schemes of help were created in the past when people were promised help, but the result was always that they didn't receive the help, or if they did, it wasn't enough to speak of help. These are classic corrupt schemes that are created purposefully and only help selected foreign companies or subversive elements.

It's very easy to understand... they can't distribute blanket aid to their population, the Slavic population, the population of the corporations' archenemies. The first economic burden of the coming days should be placed on our Slavic backs. From the perspective of the imaginary pyramid of importance, we are at the bottom rungs for corporations.




With this article, I want to tell you that it's not the game that matters, but always the result of the game. The results can be easily estimated based on the dominant control center. Today's corporate politics are clear and directly influence the countries they have power over. Politicians are ideologically supported by their own media and propaganda, and they are held together by a strong bond - money. This is also the answer to why the opponent is always so well-organized and unified... because they are being directed by one control center and held together by a strong bond - the illusion of money, the American dream. Centralized control is efficient, but always vulnerable to failure. It only takes melting the bond, melting the illusion that unites people in madness, or "cutting off the head of the snake." It has already begun.




In these turbulent times, we don't need to have bloodshot eyes, but we need to keep our eyes open and notice all the manipulative techniques that corporations and their lackeys are trying on us. They care about everything, their time is running out, and therefore, they will use all the cards they still have in their hands. We just need to observe and ignore them, that is, to get rid of their control and influence.

Let's not be boiled like naive frogs in warm water.


Juraj Tušš